European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2024

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Dear Members of EBEN,

We are very pleased to remind you about the 2024 Annual EBEN Conference, which will take place in Athens.

The general theme is BUSINESS ETHICS AND ESG, including a focus on different dimensions of business ethics, i.e. environmental, social and governance dimensions of business ethics in the context of current developments in Europe.  

Nevertheless, we also welcome papers on other relevant themes of business ethics.

Please see the attached file with information about the conference.

As we announced at the Paris research conference in October, the first deadline for submission is December 15, 2023. For this date, you only must submit a short abstract (e.g., 200 words). You will receive notification as soon as possible. When your abstract is submitted, you can also submit an extended abstract or short paper (2000-4000 words). Or if you really need, you can also submit a longer paper. Deadline is here February 29, 2024, but please send your paper earlier if you can make it. You will also here receive notification as soon as possible after submission. If you want, you can already submit full paper by December 15.

Authors should submit abstracts and extended abstracts (papers) by email to

We look forward to seeing you for this important conference in Athens.

Please also find more information at our EBEN webpage:

Please write to Antonis Gortzis, and Jacob Dahl Rendtorff for further information, if needed.  

Best regards,

Jacob Dahl Rendtorff,

President of EBEN.


Jacob Dahl Rendtorff
Professor (MSO), Dr. Scient Adm. & Ph.d.